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September 17, 2019

We kicked off our first meeting of the year with an overview of events we hosted last year, along with grants that were awarded. Our proposed budget was approved by our members and we adopted the minutes from our final meeting from the prior fiscal year. The general membership also received a copy of the final treasurer's report for FY 18-19 adopted the annual financial review. Ryan McNavage, who is a technology implementation specialist with Montgomery County Schools, gave a presentation on how to use the parent portal to access student grades and receive notifications about your student's classes. Kathleen Carr, our college/career coordinator, spoke briefly about upcoming college-related events and testing dates, as well as important for seniors. If you missed the meeting for parents of seniors at Back to School Night, the presentation can be found here.  Jaclynn Lightsey, the freshman administrator, spoke about adjusting to high school. Members enjoyed dinner from The Bean Bag and also heard from our principal, Kim Boldon, about current events at the school. If you didn't have a chance to join us, we hope you will do so in the future. Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 15th.